how to find code with full line containing only 'dim ds as new Dataset' without finding other similar e.g'dim ds as new Dataset1'

hi, ive got a lot of code  containing
dim ds as new Dataset
dim ds as new Dataset1
dim ds as new Dataset2
dim ds as new Dataset3

i want to ctrl-f or edit-find&replace-find
and get only lines containing
dim ds as new Dataset

i dont want to find the other lines.
could i somehow bring a vbcrlf into the find command?


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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi jxharding,

You can use:

Ctrl+F, enter

"dim ds as new Dataset\n" (without the " of course)

And tick the use checkbox and leave the dropdown at the default of "regular expressions".

This will effectively add a line terminator to the search which is what you need.

Tim Cottee
jxhardingAuthor Commented:
thanks a stack!
i think i owe you a coffeeshop by now!
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