This isn't so much a question as a request..... Can somebody using a current version of Safari look at this web page for me:

It's nothing too fancy - a few <divs> that resize when the page is resized, menus that zap in and out of view as you move the mouse over the Stained Glass Window on the left, and buttons that brighten up when the mouse is over them. That's about it. I got it all to work in IE, NetScape, Opera and FireFox, but I haven't got a Mac and nobody I know owns one either, so I have no idea how this will look in a current version of Safari. I'm not interested in supporting old crap, but I would hope it looks OK in current browsers.

Obviously I'd love to see a post saying "looks ok in Safari", but let me know if you find something that doesn't work.

20 points + "A" for "looks fine", appropriate increases for actually finding problems.

Many thanks


PS - if anybody has a current version of some other exotic browser not mentioned above I'd be grateful if you could check that out too. Same point allocation applies.

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WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
Hello........... echo.......... ECHO......... !?!?

Is there anybody here?
looks OK in Safari 1.3.2 (v312.5) on Mac-OSX 10.9.3
I did test your website on FF 1.5 and Safari.
The webpages appears to be the same
The menu on the left is working
showing "home + forum home" while passing on the head of the angel
showing "Pino carafa / login / login" while passing on the hands of the angel.

Hope it helps


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I was meaning showing "Pino carafa / login / LOGOUT " while passing on the hands of the angel.

WernerVonBraunAuthor Commented:
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