How do I switch from KDE to Gnome in Suse 10?

I have installed Suse Linux 10 and opted for KDE during installation.  How can I try out the Gnome environment?  Do I have to go back and re-install opting for Gnome or can I switch backwards and forwards between the two environments without hassling with installation again?  When I log off and logon again, the options available currently are FVWM, KDE, TWM, WindowMaker and Failsafe.  I'm not sure what these different options mean but none of them appears to be Gnome.
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It depends if you installed both. Use yast to install gnome if it isn't installed yet, KDE will stay. Now when the login screen shows up after bootup, you can select the GUI you want to use. I don't think you'll be too impressed with gnome though, KDE is much more configurable.
BloodruleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  I went into yast and selected gnome, but then there was a long list of gnome-related files, a few of which were ticked and most were not.  Do I need to select ALL those files to try out gnome?  When I chose "Accept" for the files that were pre-ticked, nothing seemed to happen and when I logged off and back on again there was no Gnome option.
I don't use SuSE at the moment, so I don't remember all the yast specifics. In most distro's you need to select gnome-base or something similar to install gnome. You must probably also enter the password for root to start the installation.
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There is a program called switchdesk which allows you to switch desktops in FC4. I do not know if the same exists for Suse. The syntax is :
switchdesk kde
For Gnome
switchdesk gnome
BloodruleAuthor Commented:
I'm still not sure exactly how I use yast to install gnome.  If possible step by step directions would be appreciated.  Please refer to my last comment.  Thanks for the advice so far, it's appreciated.
Seems I can give some assistance, since running on SUSE 10.0 myself

You need to install GNOME (simply install the complete basic GNOME related selection),
so that it would appear in your list of available session types at the KDE login screen.

Here are the steps:

1.Within your existing KDE desktop open your YAST.
2. Select 'Software' >> 'Software Management'
3. In Software management on left top select "Selections" from your 'Filter:' option menu list.
4. A choice of available selctions appears on the left. Checkmark the option "GNOME SYSTEM"
5. Click the 'Accept button on right bottom of your dialog.
6. Follow instructions if necessary. Maybe dependencies are to resolve. When I tried it
    only a problem related between evolution calendar & mozilla calendar turned up.
    To resolve simply choose not to install the evolution calendar.
7. Installation of GNOME starting, asking for installation media to insert.
8. After some time installation of GNOME related packages will be finished.
9. Then you can log out & in session type menu list there then will (should) be available a new GNOME menu item,
which you can select in order to log into a GNOME session.

Good luck ; )


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