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I need to update an application on our client computers (WinXP Pro) to its new version.

Can I create an *.msi package as follows:

1-Setup a clean reference computer with SP2
2-Install the current version of the application to be upgraded and configure as necessary
3-Take a snapshot with WinInstall LE
4-Upgrade the application and configure as necessary
5-Take the final snapshot to create the *.msi
6-Deploy through a GPO

Also, is there anything else I need to be aware of..?
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Those are the correct steps, but I've never been able to get WinInstall LE to work right.  If you can then more power to you, but make sure you test the heck out of it in a non-production environment.

You're probably better off looking up the application on to see if there are any better ways to update it.
Nael_ShahidAuthor Commented:
Wininstall LE works fine (although supposedly not meant for "production" environements, I've managed to re-package dozens of applications).
It's just not meant to do an "upgrade" package.
If I were you, I'd package the whole application, i.e. take the snapshot before starting the first installation.
Nael_ShahidAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  I will do that.
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