Web Traffic Analysis for dynamic pages,


I am looking for a tool/script/software, which offers detailed reports on website visitors, with as much information as possible.

The setup it needs to be integrated with, is a online e-commerce store running oscommerce shopping cart software.  Since the pages are dynamic, and many, I need a traffic analysis tool, where I can get away with inserting a single piece of code, which will dynamically get the page title/info/url etc and send it to the analysis tool on the fly.  In other words, I don't want to have to define each page in the snippet of code that one usually has to place in each page.  I intend to place one piece of code, from one header.php file, which will basically insert it into every page automatically, so the snippet of code must take into account the individual page, maybe by gettings it's parameters by itself.

I've just installed ActualAnalyzer  http://www.actualscripts.com/products/analyzer/compare.php but I got the lite/free version.  I noticed it has some good features, but not available in the lite edition.  I wouldn't mind having the potential features it offers, but it would mean I would have to dish out cash for the gold version, around $65 to $80.

Since I am this close to forking out some money for a traffic analysis tool, I figured I should ask the experts here in what tool they might recommend for this purpose.  I need something really good, and will pay more if the quality is there and it has value for money.

Let me know your suggestions.  Thanks
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we use a program called lynchpin (http://www.lynchpin.com), it tells us one hell of a lot of information,

some useful free ones are

awstats - (http://awstats.sourceforge.net/
example of outputs here


statcounter - (http://www.statcounter.com)

All very good and offering lost of information.


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thyrosAuthor Commented:
I think I am going to go with awstats.  Only now I need to figure out how to install it.  The documentation looks daunting.

Would you happen to know where I upload the wwwroot folder provided with awstats?  I mean does it go in the main folder, or the public, public_html/  ?

i think you put everything in that folder into your www root file, cant remember off top of my head, aw stats is great though ..


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