Motherboard light blinking


I have HP/Compaq d530 pc.  Since 6 moths its working fine.. some time I shutdown after 5-6 days. But today I shut down my pc for some reason.  After 1 minute again start the pc but unable to start. I opened the case and notice that green light on the mother board is blinking. I remove the power cable  and then inserted again but no success. When I put the power cable again the light on the mother board again start to blink soon.  For the CMOS I pressed the button on the button but still the same thing.

Please advise..


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David WallCommented:
It is not unusual to have lit light on a motherboard when there is power to the machine, and often it blinks. I cant say what a HP/Compaq d530 should have but open most pc's with a live supply attached and they will show led lit up in some way.

You say the machine wont start, does this mean nothing is happening? or is it trying to boot i.e. do you see it starting to show the BIOS , do you hear the power starting to spin the disks do you get error beeps.

Do any lights appear on the front to show that the PC is powering up can you hear the fans turn.

Have you tried another power lead?
bxpertsAuthor Commented:
When I pressed the power button at front of the case this light also blinks.  Yes the machine is not starting up.  No beeps, no fan  or power supply fan starting..  When I press the power button the light blinks once in green at the front of case, but the light on the motherboard continuously blinking.
You have developed a problem in either the RAM, video card, power supply, or motherboard.  You can try reseating the RAM or swapping them out for ones that you know work.  Also check the connectors for a loose fit somewhere, and try another video card if nothing works up to this point.  If it still doesn't work, you probably have a bad motherboard.
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If you don't hear any beeps then your computer is not passing the POST.  If it were a video card issue, you would usually hear a long beep followed by three short beeps (depending on your BIOS, but this is the standard for IBM compatable machines - on AMI BIOS this same code means memory problems).  Usually when you don't get the POST beep at all, it is a problem with your power supply or your motherboard.  Since the power supply fan is not working my guess is that the original problem is with your power supply, although that could have also caused damage to your motherboard.  If you have taken the cover off your pc before and not seen that blinking light, that suggests an error code built into your motherboard, possibly caused by irregular power flow.  Best advice is if you have access to another power supply, try switching them out to see if that corrects the problem of the pc not starting. If your pc still won't POST after changing power supplies, then more than likely you have damage to your motherboard.

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Pound cake hit it right on the nose! DO NOT REPLACE ANYTHING BUT THE POWER SUPPLY FIRST!!!!!!!!! if you do you are just risking frying more parts needlessly if it is the power supply. To my knowledge there is no way for a motherboard to fry a powersupply but that is not tru for the reverse, if you replase the PS and it still is not working, swap the mobo, since the PC is only 6 months old you should be able to get in touch with HP and have them send you a PS under warranty. give this a try first and let us know what happens!

Best of Luck,
I don't know of a way for the mobo to fry the power supply either, so changing the motherboard out on a faulty power supply could fry the new one aswell.  Faulty power flow can cause havoc on the system from sublte peculiarities to completely unusable hardware.  I think the fault lies with the power supply, but it could have caused deeper problems.

I would like to hear what finally happened with the machine though.
bxpertsAuthor Commented:

I solved my problem by replacing the motherboard. As It is HP Compaq branded Pc. ITs comming with 3 years warrenty. Its about only 1 year yet so I got the replacement of the mother board by supplier. He told me that there was power shortage between power supply and motherboard and he relpaced the motherboard.

Thanks for your alls comments.

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