Checking for file update

Hi, i have a txt can i in check whether it has been modified? I think it will be like a function which will check the the txt file every 1 sec and returns a boolean when it has been modified... but are there any built in functions to do that? Please point me to the right direction. thanks
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Dim selectedFile As String = FilesList.Text
        Dim FI As New FileInfo(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory & "\" & selectedFile)

        lblInfo.Text = "File Name:" & FI.Name & vbCrLf & _
                       "Length:" & FI.Length.ToString & vbCrLf & _
                       "Extension:" & FI.Extension.ToString & vbCrLf & _
                       "Creation Time:" & FI.CreationTime.ToString & vbCrLf & _
                       "Accessed:" & FI.LastAccessTime.ToString
you can read Modified date and time of the file property
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi jaxrpc,

Add this to the declarations section    
        Private watcher As FileSystemWatcher

Then in your form_load
        watcher = New FileSystemWatcher()
        watcher.Path = "c:\Myfoldertowatch"
        watcher.NotifyFilter = (NotifyFilters.LastAccess Or NotifyFilters.LastWrite Or NotifyFilters.FileName Or NotifyFilters.DirectoryName)
        watcher.Filter = "MyFileToWatchFor.txt"
        AddHandler watcher.Changed, AddressOf OnChanged
        watcher.EnableRaisingEvents = True
Then add the event so we can handle when it has changed.
    Private Shared Sub OnChanged(source As Object, e As FileSystemEventArgs)
        Msgbox ("The file has changed")
    End Sub    

Tim Cottee
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