Login w/WinXP Pro and Novell client

when booting up, the computer, it goes right to the desktop, bypassing the Novell Login.  We did make some changes following a TID from Novell saying to go to registry and change passive to 0. If you need more details about the TID, I can give you that.  The fix worked yesterday, but today the computers still go right into the desktop.  One is using Win 2k and one is using XP.
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Yes, please tell us the TID number - a link would be even easier.

Other information that would help us help you include:  NetWare version, IP or IPX, Novell client version, any SP's applied to either server OS or client, is this mixed NetWare/Windows network and if it has Windows servers is it legacy domain, AD or "workgroup", do you use ZENworks or SMS or AD GPO, do you do Windows domain login or local user, do you use dynamic local user (a ZEN thing), do you have any 3rd-party tools running that would revert the environment overnight, like DeepFreeze, or any that monitor changes and change 'em back, do you use "roaming profiles", do you use WSUS or direct updates from the M$ website, or manually apply patches...

dangeloeAuthor Commented:

Netware V. 6, IP, Novell client 4.91 sp2, not mixed network, zenworks, dynamic local user, one w/deepfreeze, one w/ sophos monitor, not roaming, direct updates.
Did the "passive mode" registry setting change back to 0x1?

If so, then the question is - why?  

Did the deepfreeze PC's image get updated to include the registry setting of zero, or does the original image have it set to zero and it gets changed back to one later?  How about the one with sophos monitor - did that change it back to one, or does it restore zero and it changes back to one later?  When are they scheduled to refresh the PC?

Do you have the ZEN policy "ZENworks for Desktops Management Agent Policy" checkbox checked for these workstations?  Did you run the WMSCHED.EXE to see if it's listed in the effective policies, as the TID suggests?
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dangeloeAuthor Commented:
Well, you kinda did - that first link shows the same TID, just a different view of it from the newfangled search (that I'm finding it hard to like...)
dangeloeAuthor Commented:
I have discovered that the "initial Novell login" won't stay on when set in parameters.  Does someone know how to make that stay on?
It, like most things in a Windoze environment, is kept in the registry.  If you don't save that registry change in deepfreeze it'll change back.

I don't know if the sophos monitor software will reset registry changes, I'm not familiar with it.
Also, look into this: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?10090359.htm and see if you have a policy doing it.  

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