Put old hard drive in a new computer and it died

I finally realized why my hard drive would not boot, and now I'm trying to see if it's salvagable.  At least "I think" that's why it will not boot.

Anyway, I tried to reload windows on it, and Windows starts, albeit slowly, and gets all the way through copying files and does the reboot where it actually starts the GUI, and then I get boot failure.

I went into Console Recovery and did fixboot and fixmbr, but I haven't tried bootcfg/rebuild yet.

Is there any thing else I can try?


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If you want to slave the hard drive, why are you loading windows on it?
i mean are you trying to install two os on these two drives?

if yes then it seems that hard drive is having some problem, you can try running some diagnostic tools on your hard drive to check its health.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools
hayley3Author Commented:
Yes. I was trying to install two os.
Thanks, I'll check that out.
hayley3Author Commented:
I actually have the Maxtor disk.  But when I put it in I get boot failure:system halted.
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hmmmm are you sure that the connections, jumpers, cable etc etc are properly in their repectice places and in good condition?
can you hook another drive and boot with that?
if yes, then i must admit that this hard drive has got some severe damages!

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hayley3Author Commented:
Would just putting it in another computer damage it?  I finally realize that Windows set up the hard drive with the original processor and motherboard of the original computer, so I thought that maybe I just needed to reload Windows.
I hadn't had any trouble out of it unti I put it in the new computer.

I did put it back in the original computer but still get the failure message.
I was just hoping that since it would start to take Windows that maybe it wasn't that bad.  Maybe something that I could fix with Recovery Console.
> Would just putting it in another computer damage it?
you never know.... anything could go wrong, may be while taking it out... or may be while hooking it to the new system! just a slight mistake and you can get in trouble!
at present i can think of only two things, either there is some problem with the connections or cables, or the hard dirve has died!

Do this:  

go to www.ubcd4win.com and download and build an ultimate boot cd for windows.  boot from it and you'll have diagnostic tools, as well as usb and network support to allow you to copy off your critical data to another location.  this keeps you from damaging the drive further by accident in an attempt to remove it and connect it to another computer.  it also will probably tell you what's wrong, since it includes system, hardware, and diagnostic tools including ones from the major drive manufacturers.

good luck, travis
hayley3Author Commented:
I've been researching, just to let you know.

The thing that troubles me is that the Windows disk starts yet the Maxtor disk doesn't and yet they both have a boot file on them.  Also, when the hard drive first died, I couldn't get the cd rom or the A drive to read either, and I thought it was my motherboard, but after I took out the drive everything started working again.  Weird.  Anyway, I'm gonna try a new CMOS battery first.  It probably won't work, but I'm gonna give it a try.

Also, my Windows disk got swiped, so I am stuck with a version that cannot be upgraded which is why I switched to XP 64bit, (I didn't want to have to buy both XP 32 bit, and then turn around and have to buy XP 64 bit). The UBCD4win disk requires Windows SP1, which I don't have.  But then if the Maxtor disk won't work, then it probably wouldn't either.

I wish I understood what is happening.  Since Windows fails at the reboot point of the Windows install process, is that the point where Windows is actually copying the files to the hard drive?  Does anyone know?

hayley3Author Commented:
I tried the cmos battery, but no go.
I took out the hard drive and it will not work in any other computer.  It actually causes the computer not to work.  None of the drives will function.  Weird.
Anyway, I guess I will have to go with a dead hard drive, although I have to wonder if I'm the one who killed it.

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