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I believe that I asked this previously in the wrong area.  I am reasking it here. Sorry for the confusion.  I am not familar with Macs and need some assistance.  Using OS-10.3.9 built in mail client.  I have subscribed to an IMAP account and see the inbox folder just fine.  I have 4 subfolders under the inbox and need to be able to see them on the OS-X client so that I can drag and drop messages to the subfolders.  On the IMAP server, I have the folders set to share with the proper permissions. I also need to be able to have 4 other MACs running the same to be able to subscribe to those subfolders.  I have it setup just fine and it works in MS Outlook 2003, just fumbling for the correct setup in the MAC .

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Strange things can happen if the IMAP Path Prefix for the account is not specified correctly. I believe for Outlook it may appear as ".INBOX" (including quotes) while for mail it should just be INBOX [without any quotes or a preceding period - just the word by itself]. I don't have my windows machine in front of me so I can't verify the difference. Once I can verify, I post again with confirmation.
Ok. I was able to check and my initial guess had the period in the wrong spot. Here is the setting for several clients on different OS's all using the same IMAP server. For the Root Prefix setting:

Outlook 2003 on Win:    INBOX.      # there is a period at the end of the word; there are no quotes
Thunderbird on Mac:     "INBOX."     # has qoutes around INBOX. and period at the end of the word INBOX
Thunderbird on Linux:    "INBOX."    # same as on Mac

Apple             INBOX                 # No qoutes and no period following the word INBOX

I would recommend playing with this to get the one that works. But start with what I have for


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