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I have a big string which contains a whole lot of batch queries and I was wondering how to lock the database or even better specific tables then perform the batch queries and then unlock either the tables or the database. I am running on sql server 2006. Basic code is below not exact but just to show how I am currently running the queries.

Dim DatabaseConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("Server=sdf;UID=sdg;PWD=dfb;DATABASE=dfb")
Dim SqlQuery As SqlCommand
SqlQuery = New SqlCommand(QueryString, DatabaseConn)
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I assume you meant SQL Server 2005, and not 2006!

Not too sure if there's any new features for this, but I believe what you're looking for is called a "locking hint" (refer to SQL Server Books Online for more information).

So your INSERT/UPDATE/DELTE, would look something like this:

 (col1, col2, colN)
 (val1, val2, valN)

Hope this helps.

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peter58Author Commented:
Is there no way to lock it before and after all the batch queries as I want to update or insert them all before anyone can access them.
I think utilizing a transaction would give you what you are looking for. 

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I believe the default isolation level in a transaction is 'serializable' which means: "A range lock is placed on the DataSet, preventing other users from updating or inserting rows into the dataset until the transaction is complete."  

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