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I have developed a DB with a simple query.  The query requires the user to enter two dates then will provide the data that is between the date range entered.  (Between [Start Date] And [End Date])  When I run the query, I get a box that asks me for the starting and ending dates, just as you would expect.  What I would like to do is use the DateTimePicker ActiveX control to select the dates instead of having to type in the date.  Does anyone know how this could be accomplished?  Is this even possible?

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You will have to creat a new form.

Put your date time picker as StartDate and EndDate on that form.

Put a button on the form to run your query.

In the query the parameters would now look like :
Between Forms!MyForm![Start Date] And Forms!MyForm![End Date]

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look at this, look at GH081410 anwser

By the way, sometime with the between function, you have probleme with the date format. there is a trick to bypass it

try: between clng(format(TheDateFrom,"yyyymmdd")) and clng(format(TheDateTo,"yyyymmdd"))
sbreenAuthor Commented:
Could someone show me sample code for the button to run the query.
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docmd.openquery "QueryName"
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Hi sbreen,

jmantha709 is correct.  You need a form to use the ActiveX data picker controls and you need to refer to those dates when you run the report.  The form also needs to be open.

When you present a form for parameters, we often offer several buttons - Print Report, Print Preview, and Cancel.  The button wizards can open the report views and cancel the report, but will not hide your form while the report runs. (A certain distraction to the end user!)

Assuming the form is named frmDatePicker, insert the line Form_frmDatePicker.Visible = False before the visual basic line that opens the report.  You can quickly open the code window when you open event properties on each of your form buttons.

And, in the Report OnClose event, you can add two lines:
Form_frmDatePicker.Visible = True
DoCmd.Close Form_frmDatePicker

These will enable your frmDatePicker to show up on next use and will close the form as well.
sbreenAuthor Commented:
Thanks jmantha709 it worked great and I will give you the much deserved points.
Glad I could help !
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