Porting peer to peer Win2000/XP machines to Active Directory

We are porting a peer to peer network of Windows 2000 and XP machines to an
Active Directory based network with Windows 2003 servers.
There is one user per client machine.
Is there any way to automatically import the
user's desktop and "My Documents" folder from their local machine account
to the domain account?   thanks

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There might be a way to automate this, but since you have to go by the workstations to add them to the domain anyway, and there are several things to take care of:

- Create domain user accounts in AD with a home drive to \\server\homeshare\%username%. This will enable the user to store his documents on the file server (and possibly share and backup those documents). Ideally, use Group Policy to redirect My Documents to their home drive, but you can save that for later.

- The local user accounts must be removed or disabled, so users don't accidentaly use their local accounts. It'll screw things up, like duplicate documents.

- When a domain user with the same name as the local user logs on, then a new profile is created in C:\Documents and Settings. (in the form username.DOMAIN)
- Log on as the administrator, assign ownership and Full Control permissions on the *OLD* user profile to the domain user.
- Delete the newly created (empty) username.DOMAIN profile and rename the old user profile to the username.DOMAIN profile you deleted before.

Then, when the domain user logs on, they should have the same profile and documents. If you have the backup ready, have them move their documents to the server right away.

Hope this helps!
MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
thanks Rant . . I'll give it a try.
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