problem with struts validation

hi experts,

I am using struts in Jbuilder 2005 with weblogic application server.
For some reason my field validations are not getting enabled.

My JSP page----------

<html:form action="/" method="post">

<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0">
                            <html:text styleClass="formstyle" property="submittingOrganization" size="20"/>


<action name="incidentsBn" path="/incidentManagement" parameter="method" validate="true"
            input="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCAddIncident.jsp"   type="gov.njdhss.hippocrates.commandcenter.action.incidents.IncidentsAction">

            <forward name="listIncidents"
                   path="/" />
            <forward name="listIncidentsPg"
                   path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCListIncidents.jsp" />
            <forward name="findIncidentsPg"
                   path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCFindIncidents.jsp" />
            <forward name="listFoundIncidentsPg"
                    path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCFoundIncidents.jsp" />
            <forward name="updateIncidentsPg"
                   path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCUpdateIncident.jsp" />
            <forward name="errorIncidents"
                   path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCErrorIncident.jsp" />
            <forward name="incidentConfirmationPg"
                   path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCIncidentConfirmation.jsp" />
            <forward name="createIncidentsLocationPg"
                  path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCAddIncident.jsp" />
            <forward name="createIncidentsPg"
                  path="/WEB-INF/pages/commandcenter/incidents/heprCCCAddIncident.jsp" />

 <form-bean name="incidentsBn" dynamic="true"


<form name="incidentsBn">

<field property="submittingOrganization" depends="required">
<arg0 key="submittingOrganization.msg"/>


#Errors messages
errors.required={0} is Required.
submittingOrganization.msg = Submitting Organization

any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks ,
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did you put the following in your struts-config.xml ?

      <plug-in className="org.apache.struts.validator.ValidatorPlugIn">
            <set-property property="pathnames" value="/WEB-INF/validator-rules.xml,/WEB-INF/validation.xml"/>
Also, make sure your formbean extends ValidatorForm.

jaggernatAuthor Commented:
yes i did put the plug-in

also , this is my dtd info in validatio.xml file .
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE form-validation PUBLIC
"-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Commons Validator Rules Configuration 1.1.3//EN"

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jaggernatAuthor Commented:
>>>>>Also, make sure your formbean extends ValidatorForm

 does validation framework not work with Action Forms?
>> does validation framework not work with Action Forms?

     In order to trigger the validation, you need to extends ValidatorForm.
ValidatorForm is a subtype of Action Form which provides you validation capability.

If you just extend normal ActionForm, validation function will be turned on automactically.

see this:
jaggernatAuthor Commented:
i cannot use ValidaorForm now. we have completed 50% of the project using Actionform. Is there any other alternative

>>i cannot use ValidaorForm now. we have completed 50% of the project using Actionform

     You don't need to replace all ActionForm by ValidatorForm. Only those forms which need to use validation. In this case, only incidentsFormBean has to be changed.

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jaggernatAuthor Commented:
>>>only incidentsFormBean has to be changed

so does that mean i have to avoid using IncidentsformBean(action form) and put all the fields in struts config under <form-bean name=IndcidentformBean type="...DynavalidatorForm"..> tag

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