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Bacula backup write error

Hi Guys,

I am trying to implement bacula backup and i am having very big problems.I am having 10 client for my backup server it will run backup 4 or 5 client fine and then my volume status is changing to full because of the following error

30-Mar 15:38 backup01-sd: NightlySave1.2006-03-30_15.21.00 Error: block.c:552 Write error at 5:6714 on device

/dev/nst0. ERR=Input/output error.
30-Mar 15:38 backup01-sd: NightlySave1.2006-03-30_15.21.00 Error: Error writing final EOF to tape. This tape may

not be readable.
dev.c:1213 ioctl MTWEOF error on /dev/nst0. ERR=Input/output error.

can some one help me why my backup is not completting and the solution for this problem

i am running dell power vault 114T tape drive with debian sarge kernel version 2.4.27
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2 Solutions
Ok, this is a changer, right?  Is it bombing right when one tape would be full?  

I think what's happening is that the bacula daemon doesn't have rights to send the hardware command to the changer to make it change the tape.  The dirty way to fix this is to have the bacula daemon run as root, but a better way would be to create a user for the daemon and give it the rights it needs.  

I'm sure you've been here: http://www.bacula.org/rel-manual/Autochanger_Support.html#SECTION000291000000000000000

here's another good one:  http://www.freebsddiary.org/digital-tl891.php

Good Luck, Travis
Check for a firmware update for the tape drive.
Most of the time Dell uses ADIC libraries and IBM drives, and IBM drives work best with IBM tapes. Try using an IBM tape.
Try retentioning the tapes.
Also will not hurt to try loading a cleaning tape.
Configure it so that the same bus is not used for both tape and disk.
davidmichel's points were good.  One thing I've run into is sometimes the latest firmware updates can be the problem if the support files in projects like Bacula haven't been updated yet.  Make sure your firmware is not too new for Bacula support.

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gg234Author Commented:
this is not auto charger and i am using DLT tapes and my kernel is giving following errors

kernel: st0: Error with sense data: Current st09:00: sense key Unit Attention  
 kernel: Additional sense indicates Not ready to ready change,medium may have changed  
 kernel: st0: Error with sense data: Current st09:00: sense key Not Ready  
 kernel: Additional sense indicates Logical unit is in process of becoming ready  
 kernel: st0: Error with sense data: Current st09:00: sense key Not Ready  
hmm, 114t comes up as a changer when i look at dell.  you sure?  if it has the robot arm in it you need to load the autochanger stuff for bacula.

- travis
Unit Attention is usually just a normal informational type message. Any time a drive is powered on, a tape is loaded, a tape is ejected a Unit Attention will happen. It is a problem when the SCSI bus is hung and a Unit Attention is sent to reset the bus and regain communication with the device.
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