HP 1220C won't print via JetDirect box!

In the company I work for we've connected a Jet Direct box to the server and configured it with an IP address. The printer (HP 1220C) has been configured on the server as a shared printer, printing to the IP of the JD box and the printer itself is connected via parallel cable to the JD box. However, when we try to print to the printer via the JD box, the job spools and disappears from the queue as though it's being printed, but the printer doesn't respond.

I've tried power-cycling all equipment, except the server. All other shared printers on the server work including other 1220C printers, so it's not a spooler issue. All cables have been checked twice over.

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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To test/confirm your Jet Direct box is working you might want to put the IP Address in the browser and see if you can talk.  
To confirm the Jet Direct is talking to the printer you can print a test page from the Jet Direct box by holding down the middle button for a few seconds and it should print out.  (At least if I remember correctly? LOL)
Sounds like one of those is not working and this might identify which has the issue?

You can try reseating the connections, exchange Parallel Cable, Patch Cable and try a local print on the printer (Then again, it sounds like you have done more than enough cable checking on this!  LOL)

Please post the results.

Hope this Helps!!!

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ok we need a bit more information on this.

what type of jetdirect are you using???

print a test page from the jetdirect, press the test button on it, and the pritner should print 2 pages...

to determine if it is working, get the ip address and either put it in a web browser, or telnet to it, or ping the address.

if the config page says arp duplicate ip address, you ahve a dup;icate address, and the hardware (mac) address of the other device will be listed.. change the config.

if all this is ok and it still fails to print from the server, right click on the printer, select properties, select ports, and make sure you ahve the right port selected. shold be a standard tcp/ip port or a lpr port - select configure and check that the details are correct, if not change them, apply the changes and try sending a test page from the server.

if this works, but you cannot print from clients then there is something wrong with the share.
if it doesn't work print off another config page, and check the network stats....

if the JD is recieving data, but not sending or vice versa then you have a speed issue.. if there are any other problems then there will be an error on the config page...

one other thing to check with External JD boxes is the the communication mode between the JD and the printer, there are 3 modes, Centronics, Bi-directional and ecp/mlc, the best is ecp/mlc, but if there are issues with this then you can change it to bi-directional with HP's Web-Jetadmin program.

for details ion how to do this check this document from HP.


this should solve the issue.

DReade83Author Commented:
I forgot about this topic. I've actually managed to fix the problem altogether by changing the default driver on the server to 1120C instead of 1220C.

Not sure why though...
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