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Hardware Identification problem

My friends mother brought her computer to Compusa to get fixed, why i do not know.  While it was there they could not fix it even though it was just a power supply but thats neither here nor there.  While trying to take thr processor fan off they broke the brack that the fan clips on to (socket 478).  First does anyone know what that bracket is called? second do you know where to get one of these?

2 Solutions
It's called a retention clip: http://estore.asus.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=2592&catid=236

You can probably get these on ebay as well.
The one in Challandor's link is the standard style. There are some other styles out there (not common but they exist) so make sure the one you get is right for your fan mounting.
Is this a name brand computer (Dell, Gateway, IBM, ETC...) or a custom build? I know many larger copmuter makers will customize hardware to their own specs and do not always use a standard. This causes problems in situations like you are descibing. The retention clip might fit a standard processor fan but a standard retention clip might not fit properly on the system board.

This may also be the reason they were unable to replace the PSU. Dell, HP/Compaq and gateway are notorious for custom PSUs that do not conform to the AT/ATX standards and then making cases to fit those PSUs prevents the user from running out to just ol' ma and pop shop to pick up a replacement. I would check manufacturer Web site for specs and suggested replacement parts.
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What is the system?
What is the motherboard?
You can help determine your mainboard specs by using a program like SiSoftware Sandra or Everest home edition:
Paul 1Commented:
If I read the original question correctly the bracket or clip that broke off is the socket on the motherboard that the chip plugs into. If this is the case then you cannot easily replace the socket (I have tried!). Anyhow it is sometimes called a ZIF socket (zero insertion force).

farker1 - I'm posting so the asker doesn't get confused.
Socket 478 doesn't use that kind of a clip. It's not part of the ZIF socket at all.
The fan is mounted to a removable plastic bracket like the one in Callandors post.
They are attached to the mainboard with screws or plastic rivets.
There are at least two styles but, although they exist, the non-standard ones are rare.
Paul 1Commented:
PCBONEZ - I should have had a look at the pics and actually thought about it for a moment. Sorry all!


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