Connect XP machine to HPLJ5 on Win98 box

yeah, I know....old technology :-)

My customer has an NT 4.0 domain.

In that domain is a Windows 98 box with a Laserjet5 attached to LPT 1

I need to get to that printer from a Windows XP, SP2 machine (firewall turned off for now)

I am unable to ping the Win 98 machine by name, but can ping by IP address.   I added the IP and machine name to the hosts file and rebooted, with no luck.

I am able to access network resources on the NT 4.0 server via the server name with no issues.

This is probably more networking than printers so if I need to I'll post a pointer elsewhere.

I'm a DBA, not a domain admin/printer/name resolution guy :-)

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Kevin HillSr. SQL Server DBAAsked:
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Christopher McKayMicrosoft Network AdministratorCommented:
First, share the printer on your 98 workstation.

Then, on the XP workstation do the following:

connect to the 98 workstation  clicking start>run>type "\\<IP addy of 98 machine>\" (No quotes)
Look for shared printer.
Right click on the shared printer,
choose "Connect"
If you don't need drivers for the printer, it should just connect,
If you do need drivers, then download them from the HP Website here:

You should be able to print from the XP workstation to the printer on the 98 box now.



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I like the 'should be able'. :-)

It might be easier to simply move the printer from the 98 system to the XP.  If it's 'shared' it might actually work better for both anyway.
The problem is that you can't do a "point and print" install (where you just browse to the computer and connect to the printer) from XP if the printer is attached to a Windows 98 box because 98 was created long before XP was even a gleam in Bill Gates' eyes.

Instead, what you need to do is install the printer driver locally on the XP computer. Connect it to LPT1, but don't print a test page, or you'll get an error. Then, go to the Printers folder, choose Properties for the printer, and go to the Ports tab. Click Add Port..., then highlight local port and new port. For the port name use \\Windows98Machine\SharedPrinterName. Click OK, then close the new port dialog and close the printer property.

You'll then be able to print, as long as you can ping the 98 machine. Since you can only ping by IP, just use the IP address for the machine name, so the port will be something like \\\HPLaserJet5 which will work as well as using the computer name.

As for the driver, just use the HP LaserJet 5 driver that ships with XP.

Oh, this all assumes that you've shared the printer in Windows 98. And, yes, you can connect it to XP and share it there. After sharing, go back to the sharing tab and click Add Additional Drivers, and it will let you load Windows 98 drivers. That way, from the Windows 98 machine, you can browse to the XP computer and double-click the printer to install it. But, if it's working on the 98 machine now, it might be easier to just connect to it from XP like I described above.

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The above solution may be give you corrupt drivers on the XP client. I would install the printer on the XP client as if installing it to LPT1, then create a Local Port and point it to \\IPofWin98\PrinterShareName. This would ensure that you install the correct drivers. Let us know if you need more detailed info.
To connect to the client by name try adding a record to you DNS server, but for now install the printer as above and if that is successful we can then worry about name resolution.

Kevin HillSr. SQL Server DBAAuthor Commented:
thanks all...I will run through these suggestions inthe next day or two when I am back onsite (no remote connection option...)
Kevin HillSr. SQL Server DBAAuthor Commented:
scary...I haven't been back onsite yet :( and no remote access

If I get there in the next 4 days, I'll award poinks as appropriate otherwise no objections


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