Network design using Windows Server 2003

Ok here is the deal. I need suggestions on a preliminary network design that will have roughly a hundred clients and roughly 10 servers for a hospital. Where do I begin? The only component that is known is that we will run Windows 2003 Server. Can someone point me in the right direct for help.
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Need more info  Depts apps web services etc. I will be glad to help
You'll need to outline all kinds of things like:


Staff numbers


applications running

Anything besides Windows (macs, Unix, Linux)

type of networking equipment


If you just want to read up on how to do this I would suggest the following:

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jcangialosi4Author Commented:
Departments: Admin, Accounting, Finance, Billing, IT - Roughly 20 Clients per dept.

Apps: CRM, peoplesoft and some others Im not aware of yet

Web Services: ?? Suggestions
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Not to sound mean...honestly.  But you are asking for something that is very difficult to provide via EE.

The links above will get you started, but network design and domain design, etc. is a hands-on thing with planning meetings, etc.

If someone here just said "Do this" and listed out some things, it may not fit for your environment, and you'd wonder why they suggested it that way.

My best suggestion to you is to check those links, grab a few books on the subject, google like crazy, and maybe even bring in a design consultant.  It sounds like you aren't familiar with this, and I'm sure your company would appreciate you doing your due diligence to make sure things are done right up front.

Just my 2 cents.
jcangialosi4Author Commented:

I think you make a valid point. Thank you for your assistance and i will take your suggestion. This stuff is a pain in the you know what!
LOL, everyone has a learning curve and starting point in an area.

If you can, pick up these books:
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Windows Server 2003

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