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Where can I download the latest stable release of php 5 for Red Hat Linux?

Also, I want to upgrade from php 4 to php 5. Is there a step by step installation guide on how to install php5 on linux?

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niftyhawkAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the info. How do I know which version of apache is installed on my linux machine? is there a command for it? sorry, i am a newbie.

httpd -v
Red Hat probalby has an RPM for PHP5. It is the easiest way to install if you're a newbie...
You might consider disabling php/apache/mysql that came with Redhat and take a look at XAMPP, which you can get  This will install php4 and php5 with the ability to switch between them with one command.  It will also keep your php/apache/mysql and phpmyadmin configurations in sync with each other.  You can also plug Webmin in farily easily using the Webmin plugin.

Very easy install.  Instructions are here:

The unix commandlines for php4 and php5 switching are:

By the following command you can switch "back" to PHP 4.x:

/opt/lampp/lampp php4

And with the following command you can switch back to PHP 5.x:

/opt/lampp/lampp php5

If you forgot which version of PHP is in use simply use phpinfo() or call this command:

/opt/lampp/lampp phpstatus

(No I don't work for apachefriends, but I like it a lot).  This is bettern than Redhat's RPMs IMO for newbies (and oldbies as well).

Hope this helps you.

Troy Jordan
Jordan Productions

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