Samba setup on Ubuntu and Winxp

I created a new folder in my home directory and shared it so that i can access that from my windows machine, but everytime i would try to access the share i.e. //ipaddress/myshare,,, i got a prompt to enter username and password. I would enter the ubuntu username and password, but it kept giving me MYDOMAIN\username on the windows logon popup. So i replaced MYDOMAIN with the hostname of ubuntu machine but it still didn't work

So i uninstalled samba by typing
apt-get remove samba
it stopped the samba daemon and uninstalled successfully

i then tried to install it again by typing
apt-get install samba, it gave me the following error

Selecting previously deselected package samba.
(Reading database ... 60508 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking samba (from .../samba_3.0.14a-6ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...
Setting up samba (3.0.14a-6ubuntu1) ...
 * Starting Samba daemons..                                              [fail]
invoke-rc.d: initscript samba, action "start" failed.

Can you tell us what i was doing wrong that i coudn't access the share?
Any help will be appreciated.
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jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
update -- i manually deleted samba file in init.d folder and also the samba folder from /etc

i removed again and reinstalled.. now the apt-get doesn't give any failure warnings but samba isn't running

i just checked my /etc/samba - nothing there
i can't find any samba file in /etc/init.d
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
check is the service is running.

the smbd daemon:
ps -efa | grep -v grep | grep smbd
and the nmbd daemon:
ps -efa | grep -v grep | grep nmbd

if you get lines of output, then the service is running.

however, you need to configure samba in order to start it correctly and get benefit from it.
edit the file /etc/samba/smb.conf using the docs as guide:
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
thanks Redimido,

I ran those two commands, there was no output

user@ubuntu2:~# ps -efa | grep -v grep |grep smbd
user@ubuntu2:~# ps -efa | grep -v grep |grep nmbd

can i completely remove samba and reinstall it?
again, i have tried doing 'apt-get remove samba' and 'apt-get install samba' and that didn't make any difference.
It doesn't give me errors, but then i can't find samba executable and the configuration file in my computer

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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
samba is comprised of two daemons:

smbd and nmbd. There will be only one nmbd in your system and one smbd for each user.

you should be able to start samba by yourself if you enter

but there are scripts that take care of that for you.

so try to start samba from /etc/init.d/samba start

if samba does not start, then you should be able to see what happened in the log:
cd /var/log/samba/
read all logs there.

maybe you already have some logs. ok, then I would do
mkdir 0
mv * 0
/etc/init.d/samba restart

and see the new logs as they are filled, and then read them looking for the problem.


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As far as the authentication goes, you need to add yourself as an smb user, and set your smbpassword, like this:

sudo smbpasswd -a <username>
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
^ ya, i guess i missed the smbpasswd step in my initial configuration.

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