Rebuild priv1 store -- Export User 4 GB mailbox to pst. Then import to store.

Windows 2000 Server running Exchange Server 2000

Because of errors reported in the event log during background cleanup (0x8004010f)  or error (80070005-800000000) while processing message <> from 'Thaddeus' ...

I would like to
1)  Export each user mailbox to a pst file using the Exmerge utility
2)  Delete the user mailbox from Active Directory
3)  Create the user mailbox in Active Directory
4)  Import data from the pst file to the new mailbox (how is this done? Exmerge?)

Question:  Several users have large mailboxes (largest being 4 GBytes).  Is it safe to export these to pst files?

Thanks for your help.

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exmerge would not export mailboxes into pst files greater than 2 gb

you can use the date option to exmerge them out into smaller pst files

if you can login into outlook and using outlook 2003 then u can move emails into pst files and later give them to the users they belong to so that they can move them back into their new mailboxes
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