Strange popup in Outlook

I have a client who is using Outlook 2003 connected to two email accounts, one to a local Win2k3 server running Exchange 2003 and another to an external POP3 account.  When composing an new email when you click in the body on the email to start writing the message she gets a popup with what looks like Chinese characters and an OK button.  This pops up three or four times before going away and allowing normal use of Outlook.

Link to picture of "error:"

I have run anti-spyware and antivirus scan without finding anything.  I'm suspecting a corrupted email but any internet searches are all about region settings and character sets.

Thanks in advance.
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Greetings, Apexadmin !

The error does look like Chinese characters. Clear your Temp folder. Use CCleaner.

Check for virus and adware. Run the programs below which you have not run.

Housecall Online Scan
Panda Activescan
Kaspersky Virus Scan

Spy Sweeper
SpyBot S&D searches your harddisk for so-called spy- or adbots;

3. If still no joy, download HijackThis

Run the program and you will find many entries. Most are OK. Post the log at and click Analyse, Save.  Post a link to the saved list here.

Best wishes!
Make sure your client has outlook 2003 Service pack SP2 installed together with the Outlook 2003 post-Service Pack 2.
Then check the spelling option and make sure that spelling is not activated and try again creating an email.


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