subnet does not how up in domain under My Network Places

We have a remote location that is on a different subnet. All computers on the subnet have no problem authenticating with the domain and using resources.

However when I browse through my network places to our domain I do not see any of the computers on that subnet but I can browse to the shares of any of the computers no problem. This is not our only remote location on a different subnet and the others seem to not have this issue.

We are on a active directory domain and this was not an issue when it was a NT domain and I'm not exactly sure when it happened. There is no Domain controller on that subnet.

I also can see the computers in Active Directory and can manage them.

We are affraid this may cause an issue at some point as in some way shape or form those computer so not seem connected to the domain correctly.

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Are you using the directory sub-portion of explorer to browse for those computers?

Is your router configured to pass all traffic regardless of type? I'm guessing you can ping those machines, if you can see shares on them, and remotely manage etc...

Are the machines on the subnet configured to use your AD's DNS, or some local ISP's DNS? There could be a problem with them showing up if they aren't updating their DNS info in the AD.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
The change will be that you would have been running WINS when you were on NT4 and would likely have had entries (probably statically mapped) telling end A where the master browser was for the other site and vice -a versa. Are you still running WINS? If so, are you replicating the WINS for the two different subnets between sites?
In your AD sites & services, are the subnets being used associated with your two sites?

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Most likely the cause is WINS...  WINS was necessary for NT but not technically so for 2k 2k3...  Most people balk at the thought of WINS but here this out.

WINS was not the most effective name service, but it still does serve its purpose even though it isn't absolutely necessary.  To browse computers, DNS Must have a name provided, and then it will resolve the IP address...  Unlike DNS, WINS will provide a list of KNOWN computers and their IP addresses.  Netbois does this automatically on the local subnet, but since it is strictly a broadcast technology, it will not create complete list including multiple subents without WINS.  Furthermore based on the node type you would set in WINS, you can drastically reduce the number of broadcasts on the network.  We were able to eliminate just under 97% of our broadcast traffic at a school where we enabled WINS.

There are many other reasons why WINS can still be benificial, and I can give you those if you still need convincing.  But to "Browse" machines on a different subnet from the machine you are browsing with, you will need WINS.

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kpillerAuthor Commented:
This is probably a WINS issue as we still have it around. I went through DNS but forgot WINS. I will comment back after I go through it.
kpillerAuthor Commented:
Well I messed with Wins and DNS. Think I just ended up adding a zone to one of the DNS servers as all the others had all the entries. After a week or two now the subnet started showing up.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Well done and thank you for the points.

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