Lost emails after compacting in Outlook express

Hello experts

This is kind of a long shot, I'm pretty sure I'm screwed, but here goes.

My boss compacts his emails in OE whenever prompted for it.  It never caused a problem before.  His inbox is just under 1 Gb.
Yesterday he did a compact and realized that he's missing all his emails from december 10th 2005 to today.
They're not in deleted items, outbox, sent items, whatever.  I'm viewing all emails.  They're nowehre in there.

I ran both OE repair and OE mail recovery (tools i got somewhere) that scan the dbx for lost files and I turn up with squat.  I tried to import the dbx somewhere else (all of them) and still nothing.

So, I'm throwing it out there... any ideas if those emails are crunched or if there's a way to get it back?

(Please no comments about my boss using OE, it was his call :\)
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Greetings, inf2300 !

DBX files are hidden files, so you have to unhide hidden files.  Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK. Once DBX files are unhidden, try using the recovery tools again.

>> I tried to import the dbx somewhere else (all of them) and still nothing

Do you mean that you have backup of the DBX files?  If so, you can copy the DBX files to the appropriate Application Data subfolder. Go to Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder to determine where the store folder is located.

If no backup, then the emails are gone.  For future reference, Outlook Express will work with 1 GB DBX file, but it is not recommended.  Keep the DBX file to 500 MB or less.  There is too much chance of corruption at 1 GB.

Best wishes!

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Thanks, war1
inf2300Author Commented:
Sorry about the delay.  It wasn't a matter of hidden files or nothing, I just didn't have a backup.  Was wondering if there were any other recovery tools or ways to recover emails lost in compacting.  I guess not.
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