Adobe PDF printer failed to create the PDF file

I am getting this error every time I try to convert a word to a pdf file.
I have tried to unistall and reinstall adobe acro standard 6, but without any luck.
I have also tried the 3 solutions here:

any ideas!
OS: winxp
LVL 10
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Greetings, fm250 !

Yes, deleting some dll files may have cause the problem. Perform a system restore back to a date when Adobe worked.

Run the System File Checker. Go to Start > Run and type
sfc /scannow

Hit <Enter>

Best wishes!
recent patches from MS may  have been applied to this PC. Plesase check with your administrator to see if this is the case.
Affected software may include but not be limited to:
Microsoft is releasing a software update to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1). This update changes the way in which Internet Explorer handles some Web pages that use ActiveX controls. Examples of programs that use ActiveX controls include the following:
Adobe Reader
Apple QuickTime Player
Macromedia Flash
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Real Networks RealPlayer
Sun Java Virtual Machine
After you install this update, you cannot interact with ActiveX controls from certain Web pages until these controls are enabled. To enable an ActiveX control, manually click the control. There are also techniques that Web developers can use to update their Web pages.
fm250Author Commented:
Well. any solutions then?

Note it was working till some problem happened to the printer and then uninstalling and reinstalling to the acrobat did n't help.
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fm250Author Commented:
I have deleted a dll files when I was uninstalling another program when it asked me if I want to uninstall some "....dll shared files" or something like that if that has to do anything with the problem.
fm250, any update?
fm250Author Commented:
Thanks War1. I did the restore and the System File Checker. but I now get the error: "compile error ... autoExec" when it loads the acrobat macro in MS Word.

Any ideas!
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