AutoGenerateColumns= false not working

I am able to set up my datagridview fine.  I use
DgvCalls.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
so that I can programmatically add columns.  The column that I added works fine, however the columns of the datasource are still coming up.  what am I doing wrong?  Below is my code.

//parent table

DaCustomers = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from Customers", conn);

DaCustomers.Fill(data, "Customers");

//child table

DaCalls = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from Calls", conn);

DaCalls.Fill(data, "Calls");

//table with look up values to use in datagridview later

DaTblLkUp = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from tblLkUP", conn);

DaTblLkUp.Fill(data, "tblLkUp");


DataRelation relation = new DataRelation(" CustomersCalls",





BindSourceCustomers.DataSource = data;

BindSourceCustomers.DataMember = "Customers";

//BindSource2 relation in tables

BindSourceCalls.DataSource = BindSourceCustomers;

BindSourceCalls.DataMember = "CustomersCalls";

//DataGridView shows the related values of the parent table

DgvCalls.DataSource = BindSourceCalls;

DgvCalls.AutoGenerateColumns = false;

//Set up Column with the look up value

One of the colums is called RsnCall.  The main table stores 1, 2, 3 ,4....the second table stores the values to the codes "get info", "appointment", ect

DataGridViewComboBoxColumn Col1 = new DataGridViewComboBoxColumn();

Col1.HeaderText = "Reason Call";

Col1.DataPropertyName = "RsnCall";

Col1.DataSource = data1;

Col1.DisplayMember = "tblLkUp.Name_Lk";

Col1.ValueMember = "tblLkUp.ID_Lk";

Col1.FlatStyle = FlatStyle.Flat;

DgvCalls.Columns.Insert(1, Col1);

What am I doing wrong????
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I tried your way and it's true, but try to invert your two lines:

DgvCalls.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
DgvCalls.DataSource = BindSourceCalls;

Worked on mine!

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yanci1179Author Commented:
thanks, switched the lines and it worked!!  Do you know why?  Thanks alot!!
Well, in .Net 2.0, it autibinds your DataSource, since the property is at true before then..

Thanks for the points
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