Restoring an older Exchange 5.5 database in a new Exchange 2003 environment

We have a need to retrieve an email that was deleted long before we upgraded our Exchange 5.5 server to Exchange 2003.  I have a tape backup of the old database, but everything since that time including the server itself has been upgraded.  Does anyone know how I would go about restoring this old database without affecting our existing system?

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You could try exmerge;en-us;174197&sd=tech

Never used it against 5.5 stores on >=E2k, but it *says* it works :)
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
If you need to restore/recover a server it would be the Exchange 5.5 server not the 2003 server, but my guess is you would like to avoid restoring your old NT PDC and 5.5 box...

I still think using exmerge to extract the mailbox to PST directly from the restored DB on your E2k3 system is the easiest thing to try first.
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