Missing Secure-RPC password

I had a user who forgot a password.  After changing it, when you log in with
that username, you get a message saying "Password does not decrypt secret key "

When you try to change the key with chkey -p, it asks for the old Secure-RPC password,
which of course no one knows.

Now, I think I can just use "nisclient -c -o username" and enter in the new password,
but I wanted to get a second opinion before I went off and did this.
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After login, the user must run keylogin to get their credentials.

man keylogin
to learn more details.

If you still have problem, please let use know if you are using NIS or NIS+.
Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
keylogin also requires the old password- the problem is that the user forgot
said old password, which is why I'm changing it.

As far as I can tell, we're using NIS+
If you don't know the user's password, you need to login as root to the NIS+ master server and change the user's password, here's the procedure:
(please remember to replace "user_name" with the read login name of the user
$USRID with the UID of the user)

1) reset the passwd
   nispasswd user_name
2) update NIS+  credentials
    nisaddcred -r user_name.`domainname` `domainname`

    nisaddcred -p unix.${USRID}@`domainname` -P user_name.`domainname`. des

     nisaddcred -p ${USRID} -P user_name.`domainname`. local

     man  nisaddcred
     to learn more details

3) type in:
    man nisping
    to learn more deatils.

4) wait for a few minutes (it depends on your network), the user should have no
    problem to login to the nis+ clients.
   Also have a look at the NIS+ FAQ:

   keep a copy handy, it can help you for most of your NIS+ problem.



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For NIS+ the correct answer is http:#16388055
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