How to apply autoformat for an Access form from VBA?

Dear experts,
I am creating forms from Access VBA code, but I didn't found a way to change the form format appearance.
I am not even able to change manually the autoformat for the new form wizard, and it remains the same
Standard format.
Do you have any clue for me?
Thanks in advance!
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Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
When you have created a form of your own style, you then go to Format, AutoFormat.  In the customize options, you can change any of the styles to the style used in the current form.  New forms created using wizards will use this form.
Under Tools, Options on the Form/Report tab is an option for a Form.  Use this value to base new forms created without the wizard (hearing VBA) to use the style of the form entered.
VB gives us lots of ways to build forms 'on -the- fly' but Access is somewhat clumsy at this.  (Access does not support control arrays).

I think if you want multiple form appearances per situations, you'd be best off creating the separate forms and opening per user selection.

Scott C.
icad01Author Commented:
Thanks for the answers!
I ended creating forms with like a wizard, so I have full control.
I first copy a form customised template, then add controls.
Thanks again.
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