personal folder size in AD?

We are about to rollout our domain controllers.
I wonder what is a properite size for "My Document" that a mid-size company give to each user?
Folder redirection is used (configured in group policy) and I set it to 200MB for now.  Thought it'll be good to know how others are doing this.
also, how to handle non-production users who need more than 200MB of "local" space ?

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200 Mo looks fine to me, but only if your users also have dedicated spaces to store corporate documents / applications. Nowadays, documents are getting bigger and bigger, depending on the company's activity, and the limit could easily be reached for some particularly productive users...

As regards to "specific" users who need more than 200 Mb, you could put them in a different OU, define a specific GPO and apply it to this OU only.

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