Installing new 2003 server w/ Exch 2003 and upgrading existing Windows 2000 domain w/ Exch 2000

I currently have 3 Windows 2000 Servers with SP4 and fully patched - the domain is still in mixed mode but I can easily go Native.  I have Exchange 2000 SP4 on one server which happens to be the Operations Master and a GC server.

I have a new server which will has Windows 2003 std installed.  I will be installing Exchange 2003 on this new server and migrating the email mailboxes to the new server. ( The reason for the upgrade is old hardware and low disk space on the old Exchange server and needing a larger backup drive).  It made sense to buy a new server to accomplish these objectives.

My question is :

Is there an order I need to follow to install the new 2003 server without breaking AD or Exch 2000 until I can get the email migrated and Exch 2000 uninstalled?

Sounds like I have to:

Run ADPrep and ForestPrep on the existing 2000 domain operations master

Can I just join the new server to the 2000 domain and then run dcpromo to install AD and ugprade the domain to 2003 or do I have to upgrade an existing 2000 server to 2003 and then add my new server?



twfrostIT ConsultantAsked:
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Yes... Follow this pretty much lays it out for you:
twfrostIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the guide... that is exactly what I need for my scenario.

The guide says I should "upgrade from 2000 Native mode" which will bring the network to 2003 Native mode.  Do you think it's possible to run in the 2003 mode where I can have 2000 domain controllers for a while?

can you paste where is says that?  It might be talking about Exchange 2003 native mode (this is when you don't have any Exchange 2000 machines in your organization anymore...)  

let me know exactly where you see this...I tried to scan through the document but it didn't pop out...
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but basically just use this is very detailed...I would read through it a couple times...  I have used this and it works very nicely...
twfrostIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Here's the first mention:

You’ll want to choose the item for your current environment, which in the context of this article is “You are running Exchange 2000 in native mode and you want to upgrade a server or install the first new Exchange 2003 server.” Choose “Upgrade from Exchange 2000 Native Mode”.

At the end of the article he says:

Congratulations! Because you began with an Exchange 2000 organization in native mode, your Exchange Server 2003 system is in native mode. Your migration is finished

Just wondering if I can end up in Interim mode with both 2000 and 2003 dc's???
Exchange 2000 in native mode = When you have no Exchange 5.5 systems in your environment.  All Exchange servers are at least Exchange 2000.

Exchange Server 2003 system is in native mode. = When you have no Exchange 2000 or Exchange 5.5 systems in your environment.  All Exchange servers are at least Exchange 2003.

Just wondering if I can end up in Interim mode with both 2000 and 2003 dc's???  Excahnge Native mode has nothing to do with Domain controllers or the Windows domain level.

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twfrostIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Of course.  Thanks again for all of your help.
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