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   I have an application that have many many tables with data all references by a code key for example the passport number, What i need from you is some idea to confront with the next situation.

   If a person comes tomorrow and tell me that that passport number is incorrect how can i do to chane the reference to that person with the less work popssible.

  For example creating a duplicate record in the main table refering the old pasport numberand the new one.

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Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoDevelopment Director / DBAAsked:
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I would have 2 Columns holding the info

UniqueID - Which holds the Identity (increments with each number)
PAssportID - An ID thats changeable

OF course through your whole program you will use the UniqueID but for the Interface you will show the PassportID
Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoDevelopment Director / DBAAuthor Commented:
Yes bu the problem here is that i have data that i need to be refereced to the new passprt id, that is i have a lot of documents with the old ID. How do my interface will now that the old documents belong to the same person?
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Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoDevelopment Director / DBAAuthor Commented:
Never mind forgot that, The problem is that i have a lot of tables referenced with the document number´'Passport id' and a table with the unique id and the passport and other tables that mae reference to the id.

How can i change the passport without having to change all the tables
you would have to create a Batch Utility where you would go through all the tables and change the id

Update Tablename set PassportID = (Select UniqueID FROM MasterIds WHERE PID = PassportID)
Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoDevelopment Director / DBAAuthor Commented:
Thanks mike but i found the correct solution that was.

     Duplicate the master record with the new passportid hold in a var the old passportid, the new one and the id assigned to it, later i will replace in the conextion table the id with the new passportid.

Godd Hunt :)
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