Fujitsu Siemens desktop freezes intermittently

I have a Fujitsu Siemens desktop that freezes every couple of days or so, the only way out is to cycle the power.  There is no obvious trigger to the freeze when it happens, but sometimes it occurs when you walk up to the machine and move the mouse to start work.  Then the picture flicks once and then the machine is completely locked up.  I do not think this is the actual cause, more like the last straw once the systems starts to breakdown, as most of the time the machine works just fine...

I have configured the system to bugcheck when I press ctrl-prtscr twice.  This works normally, but when the system is frozen, this does not work so the hang-up is pretty deep in the system.   I have run the Windows Memory diagnostic and has not shown any memory errors.

The machine is under warranty and is covered for next business day site visit BUT the Fujutsu-Siemens help desk will not send anybody out until I have run the 18month old recover disk and blasted my XP SP2 software configuration with some old SP1 rubbish.  As this outrageous demand is not likely to provide any useful diagnostic information, I do not want to do this until I have exhausted all other avenues!!!

The system is a Fujitsu Siemens Scenic P300 with a D1451 motherboard, configured with 768MB of RAM, running XP Pro SP2 with all the latest updates.

So I am assuming it is some sort of motherboard problem, but do not really know where to start to diagnose the problem.  

Any suggestions:
1. how to unfreeze the system when it hangs?
2. to diganose why/where it is hanging?
3. to test the motherboard?
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1- The only way to unfreeze a deeply frozen system is to power down. You may try the ctrl-alt-del keystroke to enter the task manager, but from your description I doubt if it would respond.
2-Check the event viewer in -->control panel-->administraive tools--> event viewer-->system. See if there are any error messages with a red mark.
3-Have you tried a Live CD operating system like Knoppix that will run from the CD and perhaps give you a stat in finding out if its a hardware problem or an Operating system problem.
Another diagnostic CD you can use to test hardware is The Ultimate Boot CD It has a plethora of testing software that is run from a bootable cd.
If you do find an event in the event viewer that looks suspicious, check this page to investigate it further.
I forgot the link forthe Ultimate boot cd
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check also the cpu temperature in the bios after freezing.
A temp monitor like speedfan would give you a running indication of a High temperature situation that Nobus brought forth.
you can also check out these :
-environmental issues :  stable AC and proper grounding?
-transmitters in the neughbourhood, like cell phones
-static electricity
agremlinAuthor Commented:
The machine does not respond to ctrl-alt-del nor to the crtl-ptrsc bugcheck key combination (which I have enabled in the registry and works when the machine is not frozen).  

Speedfan does not show any temperature for the processor, only HD0, nor does the BIOS so I cannot check that out.  There is nothing obvious in the event log either.

Any ideas about motherbaord testing suites that support this motherboard?  I have looked at MotherBoard Monitor and this Fujitsu-Siemens is not supported.
since i get no reaction to my posts, this is my last one
The board is more than likely an OEM Intel D845gv according to Fujitsu support. The Intel active monitor MAY work for temperature and voltage readings, but it will abort the install if it isn't compatible  with no harm done.
Have you considered making a slipstreamed XP CD with SP2, copied from your Fujitsu XP recovery CD? This would turn the OEM recovery CD into an SP2 recovery CD, allieviating the need to remove your SP2 updates when recovering your system.
agremlinAuthor Commented:
Nobus: There are no obvious environmental issues.  The system is running on a UPS and sitting back to back with another system that is not affected by any mobile phones or similar.  I suppose the UPS could somehow be sick, however it is configured with the minimalist XP UPS support in Control Panel.  It is a Belkin, any suggestions for monitoring software?

Sparkmaker: tried to load the Intel Active Monitor but it aborted the install as the board does not look like an Intel board.

The whole issue with the Recovery CD is that it is a shabby attempt by Fujitsu to stall on sending out an engineer.  Running the Recovery CD will not trigger the freezing problem any more than running any other programs do as it does not seem to be a sometware fault but something in the hardware.  So they are just asking me to do something that is pointless and destructive without any obvious reason except that it is in the script.

It is rather galling that I had a similar intermittment problem on an HP D530 usdt at the end of last year which caused BSODs fairly regularly but not linked to anything obvious and HP sent out an engineer without any quibbling, replaced the motherboard - problem solved.  Fujitu-Siemens on-site warranty is a sham.

So I am looking for diagnostic information to stuff down Fujitsu-Siemens pipe and make them smoke it! (and send an engineer)
the link forthe Ultimate boot cd 
This has tons of testing software for hard drives, memory you name it. I would start with the memory tests such as memtest and windows mamory diagnostics. Let them run through for a while to weed out any problems with memory.
Have you checked  the event viewer in -->control panel-->administraive tools--> event viewer-->system. See if there are any error messages with a red mark

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you can also try booting from a bootable cd, like knoppix, and see whether it freezes then - if not, it is a software thingy.
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