Queried Data to be Updated

Here is my situation:

A value is entered into a textbox.  This value is then used against a query that fills several other textboxes.  The values that are entered into all the textboxes need to then be inserted, updated or deleted against the database.

I've tried binding the textboxes to a dataset and using a data adapter to update it, but I can't figure out how to get it to query the record and update the database.

Should I use a series of sqlcommands instead?  Is the data adapter a better route?  How can I make this work?  Please include sample code.
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kamichieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm still a little confused. You want the user to input information into the textbox, then preform a query. This queries information should then be displayed in another series of boxes, which if changed should be updated?
Please explain which kind of Database you are using and what programming language you are talking about. Thanks
enlightecAuthor Commented:
I apologize.  I meant to post this in VB.NET.

I'm using ADO.NET in VB.NET 2003.  I'm accessing a MS SQL Server database.
enlightecAuthor Commented:
Yes, that would work.  Would it be possible to have them enter the queried value in a textbox that would be connected to the dataset?  If not, the way you described it should be fine.
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