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Hello all,

We have a client that we need to get a good phone system quote to, and we would like to use an IP Telephony system.  Normally I would go with a Cisco based solution (that's what I am familiar with), but that is too pricy.

We basically need to find a solution from the $2500-$3000 range that includes a few phones, voicemail and a system that can handle a few outside lines (analog) and maybe a fax line.  I've looked at 3com and a couple others, but if any of you know of any solid IP phone systems for around that price, I'd be glad to know about it, thanks.
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I second the asterisk recomendation.
You can get interface cards from Digium (who wrote Asterisk) in 4 and 24 port varieties (http://www.digium.com/en/products/hardware/analogcards.php).
For VoIP phones I recomend the Grandstream GXP-2000.

Costs -
$400 4 port analogue phone adapter
$95 - GXP-2000 phone (each)
$1000 asterisk business version with technical support (optional as you can use the open source version)
That should leave you with about $1000 to buy a PC to run it on. It just needs a normal desktop but I would suggest two hard disks so you can run software mirroring as hard disks are normally the most unreliable component.
have you considered asterisk?           www.asterisk.org

With aditional HW it supports also PSTN interconnection http://www.asterisk.org/hardware


TheTullAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, I will check them out today and see if I like the looks of it.
TheTullAuthor Commented:
This seems like an interesting solution, I may recommend it, thanks.  I will split the points.
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