Exchange 2003 Connection Control - What does it do?

I've been dealing with several problems trying to stamp out the open relay issues and I've got them taken care of.  However, if I gotot the Connection button under the Access Tab of SMTP Properties, it's set to allow all except listed below.  I set it to "Only the Items Listed" (just like Relay) and I can no longer receive inbound emails from the internet.  Viewing the Help Screens is not helping.  

Can you all tell me what it's suppose to be used for and how the standard way of setting it is?  I'm concerned that I may still get relay if I don't lock this down.  Am I right?  

Thank you for your time

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Exchange 2003 is relay secure by default. However if you have been playing around with the settings then you may well have changed things.

Access Control MUST be All except the list below. It cannot be anything else otherwise you don't get email.
Relay should be ONLY the list below, and no IP address should be listed. If you don't have any SMTP clients like Outlook Express then you can disable the Users who authenticate setting as well.
Finally, if you have an SMTP Connector on the server, ensure that it isn't set to address space of * with the option to allow relaying to these domains disabled.


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configure your server as sembee said and then check it for open relay from these links

to check that your server is listed in spam database use the following link           
Spam database lookup
I would strongly advise AGAINST using either or
If your server is an open relay then you will find yourself instantly blacklisted by those two sites. It is very easy to get on to a blacklist, but very difficult to get off.
if u properly configure your server then how u can be blacklisted and if u r already blacklisted the you have to unlist even it is difficult.
Tommy_JoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all who responded.  

Consultants setup the Exchange 2003 Server and had problems for a day or two getting it working.  When I reviewed the installation, I noticed Relay was set for allow all.  By the time I got to fixing the problem, I was already blacklisted by one source.  (I did file to get us removed.)  

I have since turned off relays, cleared all bogus outbound emails, and changed the IP Address of the mail server.  The only concern was the Connection button under the Access tab, which is set per Simon's advise.  

Thanks again.

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