GTB.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

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I have a new computer, which I imaged with Ghost.  Everything was fine until McAfee 8.0i was installed.  Now every 15 or so seconds, either GTB.exe or GTB2.exe pops up the "***.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."  I have never heard of this program before.  Help!!
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edensandavantAuthor Commented:
Actually, and this is crazy, I just found the files in question in c:\dell\E-Center after both the virus scan and the SpyBot came up completely clean.  I've rebooted, and so far no more messages.  I'm going to experiment a bit and try to find out what the Dell E-Center exactly is.
Well, about the only places I find it in a google search is in HijackThis logs, so my opinion is that it's some sort of malware.  

This could be a problem with viruses/trojans/spyware or other malware. Some free online virus scanners: 

Also try these free programs to rid your system of spyware, trojans, and other malware:
Spybot - Search & Destroy
LavaSoft Ad-aware  

I use BOTH of the above programs on my 3 Windows systems; what one program misses, the other catches.  Also make sure to download the most up-to-date data before you run the programs.

You might also try this free program (HijackThis):

HijackThis is a tool that is for advanced users, because it lists all the installed browser add-on and startup items, allowing you to inspect them and then optionally remove any ones you select.  You must be careful in choosing what to remove, although the program can create a backup of your original settings.  But put a check mark to fix any home page or search page setting that HijackThis detects which you have not entered yourself.  The program has an option to download online updates of the hijack data.

You should first post the log at this site:

and it will be automatically analyzed for you (after you click on the button labeled "Analyze" near the bottom of the page), telling you which entries (called "Nasty") should be fixed.  You will also be told if you have any items that are "Possibly Nasty", or "Unnecessary", or "Unknown". If you don't know what to do about these, you might find something on the module name by doing a Google search of the internet.

If you have any questions about what it is asking you to fix that you would like the E-E experts to comment on, then do this:  scroll down where you will see a Save Analysis button, hit it and it will save your Log Analysis (for a period of three days), then copy the link of that page and paste it here, and experts can check it for you.  (Please DON'T post the entire log itself in your question.)

In case you would like to learn more yourself how to use HijackThis, here are a couple of urls:
HijackThis Quick Start
HijackThis log tutorial
edensandavantAuthor Commented:
AdAware came up clean... I'll try SpyBot.  I'm just worried because it came up right after installing the virus scanner.  Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes.
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it does look like spyware/malware.  mcafee may have picked it up and tried to clean it but didnt fully do so and is causing it to partially load which is giving you that error.

along with every antispyware/antiadware programs, also delete all your temp and temp internet files.

goto c:\windows\temp and delete everything
also c:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\temp    - delete all
and c:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\temporary internet files    - goto each folder and delete all files able to be deleted, index.dat cannot be deleted so skip those.

also - view hidden files and folders has to be enabled to see local settings folder.  and some files in the temp folders cant delete, just unselect those particular ones and keep deleting.  after deletion, remember to empty recycling bin and reboot.

if neccessary - run regedit and search for gtb.exe and delete anything that has to do with that.  BACK UP REGISTRY BEFORE ALTERING

you should delete those files anyway, cleaning out the temp folders is a good thing to do once in a while, the temp folders in the local settings is a breeding ground for viruses/spyware/malware/adware.  most scanners will pick them up but ive had PC's that even after using ALL of the following has still had stuff in the temp folders that they cuoldnt remove;

ad-aware, spyboy, microsoft anti spyware, spyware doctor, webroot spysweeper

for those pc's i had to boot into safe mode and delete the folders and sometimes remove them from the registry
edensandavantAuthor Commented:
It's a brand new computer, brand new image, etc.  There is nothing in those folders.  But thanks for the advice.

Admins, since I solved my own problem, I will ask in the Community Support forum that the point be refunded.  Thank you.
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