Open default browser from DOS

Hello folks, how do I Open default browser from DOS (Internet explorer) and point it to an asp website?

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Dufo G. BelskiRetired bureaucrat/desktop supportCommented:
At a command prompt,

iexplore {your url here}

should do it.
This isn't fancy, but......

"\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" (name/ip of website)

....should work.  You could make life even easier by including that subfolder into your path statement.  Don't know of any command line switches for IEXPLORE, but there may be some.

Good luck!
The above two responses are indeed correct. There's also info I'd like to add.  The registry key below controls which application is used as default browser:


You can experiment with it if you want to use an alternate or some funny applications to launch your web pages  :-)

You can also use argument like:

IExplore.exe %1

In places like scripts or batch file, where %1 represent the argument you supply to the script / batch file, just extra info :-) !!
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The default-Application for any Filetype can be launched using the "start" command:

Running "iexplore" directly from the command line will force it to use Internet Explorer, overriding whatever the default browser may be.  If you use IvoBurkart's method, using "start", then the OS will look up what the default browser is, and use that to open the URL.
Clever_BobAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your help!
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