Hi, I am trying to use webclient.downloadfile.  I have a virtual folder set up with a particular user.  The file is in the folder I want to download from, all is correct there, but when I try to download, I receive a "Not found" error.  I have tried a million settings but am about to give up.  The file is kind of big, so I don't know if that's an issue, but here's my code:  

sURL = sURL.Substring(0, sURL.LastIndexOf("/") + 1) & "p.db"
webfile = New WebClient
Dim mycache As CredentialCache = New CredentialCache
mycache.Add(New Uri(sURL), "Basic", New NetworkCredential("validuser", "validpassword"))
webfile.Credentials = mycache
webfile.DownloadFile(sURL, sPath & "p.db")

I just added the cache stuff today.  The user isn't really a basic user, it's added in under Anonymous Access.

Oh yes, I don't think this is using the default port, don't know if that matters.

Anyone know why I would get a file  not found error?

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The following will help:

WebClient.DownloadFile only see's Local????

camarottaAuthor Commented:
thanks Nauman.  I don't think this is what I'm looking for though, I'm downloading from a url, not a filepath.  The URL is correct & the file is there.

camarottaAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm making some progress on narrowing down the cause of the problem, has nothing to do with ports or proxy servers or anything like that.

I'm trying to download a sql db backup file.  It's not a standard type of MIME file.  I can download .txt files, and .xls files just fine and dandy, but not that backup file.  My theory is

1.  The file size, but I don't think that's it.
2.  The type of file it is

So is there a way to add a content type to the webclient?  I've tried to do webclient.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "application/x-msdownload") and things like that, but it's not helping.

Can anyone help me?

camarottaAuthor Commented:
So, do I get points for answering my own question?  I just got this working this morning.  I went into IIS, to the Default Web properties and added the mim-type binary/octet-stream for files with a .db extension.  Worked unbelievably.

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