Rack mounting kit for an HP Proliant ML350 Server

Hi there Experts!

IT Manager for Active Tree Services in Australia here...

We are desperately seeking a Rack Mounting kit for an HP Proliant ML350 Server that we have. It's a good ole' thing, serving as our SQL server and we don't particularly want to shell out the bucks to replace it - it does its job very well! We have searched the web and spoken to HP who have advised us that they no longer make Rack Mounting kits for these old beasts. However we are currently 'racking' all our equipment and desperately need to include the ML350 in the cabinets.

Can anyone help us with a supplier or a contact from whom we can procure this kit?

Cheers in advance.
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These guys have custom rail kits


But if you Google (yes, I know they are evil) proliant rack mount kit, you'll find tons of old ones out there.
We are a reseller, and we deal with rack mounting kits for servers also, so i will look for a price for you today :)
jsheppherdAuthor Commented:
Please contact me at <removed by GranMod> if you can provide this equipment.
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