CURIOSITY: Why SAP has as many services in the archive \tec\services

Why have so services like

sapdp00          3200/tcp
sapdp01          3201/tcp
sapdp02          3202/tcp
sapdp03          3203/tcp
sapdp04          3204/tcp'

sapgw00          3300/tcp
sapgw01          3301/tcp
sapgw02          3302/tcp
sapgw03          3303/tcp

sapmsBSP  3600/tcp
sapmsCON  3601/tcp
sapmsPRD  3603/tcp
sapmsLAB  3604/tcp
sapmsCN1  3601/tcp  
sapmsDRL  3600/tcp

Any idea?
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The numbers correspond to the 'system number' of the SAP system. You can install a number of systems on the same server and each must have a unique system number. You can also see this system number in the SapLogon entry on your PC for each system.

OK, so how do we differentiate between accessing two systems on the same server? It uses different TCP/IP ports for each system, and the idea is quite simply that the application services will run over port 32nn and if you use a gateway then it will be on port 33nn - you guessed it, nn being the system number. So there are sapdpnn entries for your application server ports and sapgw for gateways. These are generic and always the same. The reason we have all this in the services file is that you can always reassign one port - say you have some specialized app that needs port 3204, then you simply point sapdp04 to a new port - 5304 or whatever - and nothing else needs to change.

You can of course have multiple servers for one SAP system. In this case you would logon via a message server (does logon load balancing amongst others), you will use the sapms entry which corresponds to your specific systems SID (Three letter System ID - unique identifier across your network).

Hope that helps

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