does linux get the benefit of dual core cpu form intel

does linux get the benefit of dual core cpu form intel, It need some soft ware to in stall to get full benefit form multi core processor
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The only thing you need to do is use an SMP enabled kernel.
I don't see why not...

There's some  benefit to using a hyperthreaded machine...there will be more benefit to using
dual-core  machines (but you have to use a SMP kernel, like leew says).
Yes, Linux with an smp kernel  and multicore cpus does help.   The biggest gain is from being able to have the two applications being processed on at the same time.   Although the system takes care of the task schedualling on it's own it gives a pretty health boast in system speed.   I would say a good 30% gain.  Money well spent as a Dual 2.8 in a server seems to outperform single 3.6 any day of the week.  

My experience is with web, mysql and a custom single thread applcation on the box running with Rhel 4.

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I'm running SuSE on and AMD X2 and the performance incease over a single core is very noticable, especially under heavy load. If you use software raid it also has the added benefit of speeding up your disk as I/O CPU cycles no longer have to fight with apps on just one core.
All in all a very worthwhile upgrade!!
my 10 cents -

I tried vmware on my suse - I have windows xp installed on suse vmware - performance is simply too good.

Cannot say for sure if it is improved vmware of 1 gig ram or dual core.
Given the fact that the 3800+ is relatively the same price as a high end single core, and performs the same or better, there's no real choice here (ie go for the dual core!!!). Make sure your MB supports dual core (if your using AMD then most 939pin motherboards support x2 with a bios update), if Intel, then a new MB is required to support the dual core chips.
Most people agree AMD has the better dual core implementation right now, but is slightly more epensive than Intel, but when you chuck in the MB requirements, it make AMD much cheaper.
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