Is it recommended to install software from Remote Desktop?

I have another administrator that has been told by a 3rd party vendor that MS recommends NOT installing software from remote desktop. Is this the case? Or is it that there isn't really clear answer for this or is the 3rd part vendor full of it? I have installed software to servers and workstations using remote desktop and haven't had a problem with it. I know that there are some constraints but normally not with simple installs of software from my experience.
Ima SelcoAsked:
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No this is perfectly fine for installing end user programs and such like adobe, citrix, in house applications, etc.. Now if you are installing something such as a service on a server (example: Certificate Services) then this is not recommended however it can be done by changing up a few DCOM permissions. Other than that you should be just fine.

Hope this helps!
Ima SelcoAuthor Commented:
Thanks I think you are echoing what we have been thinking as well. However, I find your comment about changing some DCOM permissions for some stuff pertinent for another issue I am having. So, thanks again!
no problem, glad I could help!

Take care
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