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Under my MSCONFIG statrup items, I have an item that I dont recognize and did a internet search for it and some sites said something about malware or adware, but didn't really go into detail or if it is harmfull (and i've been having problems with my laptop)....here is the location of the file


When I went into my WINDOWS folder, the closest thing I could find was


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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
THis process is for the Asian input characters for Office.

Check here:


My thought is you're having problems with something else on your laptop.  You should check the run key in your registry to see if there is something loading there that does not seem right

MonkeyrodAuthor Commented:
I guess you mean go to Run - Regedit?  

under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

it's just "Name" default -  "Type" REG_SZ  - "Data" (value not set)

there are other's under it, RunOnce, RunOnceEx, RunServices
From experience, IME is for Japanese language input, if you're not a Japanese or haven't installed Japanese language through Regional and Language option then I would doubt why it's there (Unless you visitted some web pages that suggested you installing some additional languages and you did).

I take it as you check MSCONFIG as part of your routine in being security conscious.
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MonkeyrodAuthor Commented:
ok, i unchecked that and 2 other's I didn't recogize under msconfig (they were like TINTSETUP or something, I think it's automatic update or something)

I just can't figure out why I am getting this message everytime I reboot "The type of the file system is NTFS Windows cannot open volume for direct access, Windows has finished checking the disk" then Windows loads...lapto is running ok but I can't do a scandisk a.ka. error check cuz' of that message....
Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
Check your other post.. I put a couple of links there for your error...
check out:

"Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access" Error Message When Chkdsk Runs at Startup

The problem is that the ChkDsk program cannot access ntfs partition due to the bug.
Just check that page, and I think the solution is to get the latest patches, or so.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello Monkeyrod

Probably the file in the msconfig startup items path is hidden in the folder, or it might be a system file attributed.
If it's malware, the file should be deleted for good security, My recommendation would be the following:

1- reboot your computer.
2- goto Safe mode.
3- locate the folder that you indecated in the first post.
4- delete the whole folder in safe mode, if you need the folder, make a backup to another location or rename it.
5- locate the program name in the registry and delete it.
6- reboot in normal mode, and check if it's still there or not.

Note: do a full system scan on antiviruses, malware, spyware... etc.
Use hijackthis and analyaze all proccesses ..

Good luck
Backup your registry before making changes.

Or better yet...let some programs fix your registry for you!
Go to http://www.spysweeper.com and use their free 14 day trial.  It'll clean the files and associated registry entries for you.
Go to antivirus.com or pandasoftware.com and use their FREE online scans.  By doing this, you're scanning from a CLEAN source.
If you want to "tune-up" your system (increase speed/performance), I recommend System Mechanic 6 (also a free trial)...but there's many good tune up utilities.

In my experience, Spysweeper has outperformed:
 - AdAware
 - Spybot Search and Destroy
 - Norton Anti-spyware
 - Pest Patrol
and others.

p.s.  If you really want to do it manually, a good resource for looking up unknown registry entries (bad stuff) is http://www.computercops.biz

Other than that...a Google search will yeild more information than you need.
MonkeyrodAuthor Commented:
ok Hitman Pro 2 fixed it, so I guess it was malware/virus/adware...i'll spread out points tommrow i'm half-asleep lol...

thanks to all
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