Pop3 acting weird

Hi all,

THis is my problem.....we use exchange 2000, and we have around 6 sales managers abroad. They use pop3 to receive/send emails. some of these sales managers don't have a problem with the service, but i'm trying to use the service for the other ones, i configure it with necessary information and the problem we are getting is that the SAME emails are being downloaded every time i open outlook. it will download a couple of them and then stop, and downlaod the same emails again and it's happing everytime i open outlook. it seems the i can't go foward at a certain point.
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This is not that uncommon. There is an email that outlook doesn't like. You can go into the queue and manually delete that one, or if you have some webmail setup, you can do that as well. Outlook won't delete the messages from the server unless its able to get them all. Thats why you keep getting same ones over and over. Once you delete the problem email, it will work fine.

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Agree with the above. Also you could increase the server time out as well in the email program account settings. Certain network or isp issues may contribute to this as well.

You could also try downloading message headers only. So if the user wants, they can download the full message one at a time. This is not well liked as an option by the users but on occasion proved its worth.
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
I tried the suggestion above but i'm still having the same problems. Just to check i used other accounts and the other ones have the same problem. Actually I used mind account. From home i use Optimum online so i don't know if that has to do anything with the problem but again at the setup for pop3 menu there is an opion to test the account, when i do that everything but the sending emails work....i'm really confused!!!
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This is what I was referring to
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
thanks for your reply....ok what i've done so far is: i updated outlook, and now it seems to be working fine but another error occur which is i am able to send emails to people in the inside I mean with the same domain as mind but if i want to send to other people outside my domain like yahoo or others i can't do it!  the message says the following recipient could no be reached:
relay access denied
but why other accounts work just fine and the new ones don't?
although not a complete answer to your issue-
how are you (at home on Optima testing things) sending email?

you have two choices-
ISP provided SMTP server, so that your mail settings say
SMTP server=mail.optimaonline.com or similar


you are using authenticated SMTP and your server handles sending.
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for your help....

What was done to fix the problem was:

I updated microsoft office ( just doing the updates kind of fixed most of the problems)
Carl you are right about the SMTP should go as follow: mail.optonline.net
well it's a pain in the butt for those who move around and quite easy to configure your mailserver to allow them to mail through you.  In your SMTP virtual server you set it to allow users who sucesfully authenticate to relay (usually on to begin with)
make sure your server doesn't have other filters limiting SMTP access from anywhere in the world.
If you are using a fancy antispam software on the server, or are using an antispam outsource server, then this step may be diffuclt, I would build a new crap server for your users to send mail through, sits on new IP address, somewhat immune to relaying.  
IN outlook/ Outlook express they set the sending server requires authentication,  it uses the POPusername and password by default which is what you want!
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