What sort of ASP code is this?

I have inherited the ASP file below but it looks like it's encrypted or compiled or something.

Can anybody tell me what it is and how to deal with it?

<!--#Include Virtual="includes/style.inc"-->
<%#@~^xB0AAA==@#@&dW      m}w+      CCND~JU+C.1tPr~[,/?bOn1m:~OD;n@#@&@#@&i]+kwGUk+R      .bYn`r@!(D@
* etc, etc... *
o@#@&@#@&Bi./;WxDnUY8R;VG/n@#@&B7?OPM//G      Y+UO8PxPgGDtr      o@#@&d@#@&i3Vk+@#@&iB~9b/w^CX,?+m.^t,sKDh@#@&+w4IAA==^#~@%>
      Use the form below to search through our online database of over 3000 products. Simply select the field (eg Author, ISBN, Description, Title etc) that you would like to search on by click on the drop-down box to the left, then enter your specific data (eg: 'Pilates') and then press the <b>Search!</b> button.
      <form action='search.asp' method='post'>
      <select name='cat'>
      <option value='D'>Description</option>
      <option value='P'>Product Code</option>
      <option value='T'>Product Title</option>
      <option value='I'>ISBN</option>
      <option value='A'>Author</option>
      <input name='GO' value='true' type='hidden'>
      <input name='val' type='text' maxlength=50 size=25>
      <input type='submit' value='Search!' name='search'>

*etc, etc...*
nXY~k1G      /~SkDtPmwask1l8VPsr      3/@#@&@#@&ds!U^YbW      ^YbWx@#@&N7ABAA==^#~@%>
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microsoft also came up with the de-encoder with the scrypt encoder, they just don't post it on there website for oblivious reasons.

Best bet would be to do a search for it on google or yahoo, the download the file.  I believe it's called descrenc.exe

try these links out
Looks like Microsoft Script Encoder, although this code does not decode in http://www.greymagic.com/security/tools/decoder/
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