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I have just installed a new server and am running windows 2003 server.  I copied all the files from my old server to an external hard drive and am now trying to copy them to the new server.  I keep getting an error saying "cannot copy file:cannot read from the source file or disk" .  It only happens when I try to copy the larger folders - approx 150 MB or more.  I can copy smaller files just fine.  Any ideas? Help Please.

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I wonder if the path lengths are getting too long in the large folders because they are too deep.  I had the same problem one time when copying to a USB drive -- it did not support paths as long as those the C: drive did.  So files with long names did not transfer correctly.

Here's a link that discusses it:


I've seen this happen with USB 2.0 drives attached to USB 1.1 ports on servers, such as on the current HP DL385 G1 and HP DL380 G3 and earlier servers. If you put a USB2.0 card in the server and attach the USB 2.0 drives to it, the data transfer will work fine. Not all USB cards will fit into PCI-X slots though. Ones that I've found that work are Belkin USB cards.
Use robocopy (part of the resourcekit tools) to copy the files to your server.

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I ammume that was the correct answer. I ended up copying over the network(Should have done it that way to begin with but I was hoping the external drive would be faster)

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