Connection very slow

WIN2K Server is running very slow.  I rebooted the server, but no improvement.
How do you check if the network connection is ok?
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Hit ctrl-alt-del and then go into task manager. Look to see if there is a process which is using up all the cpu time. If it isnt an important process maybe you could uninstall it. Also run a program called hijackthis downloadable at and paste the result log from hijackthis in the text box on the website and then click analyse. This will tell you if you have any problems or nasty things running on your pc.

Bob LambersonSoftware EngineerCommented:

Hope this is helpful.
JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
which one????
Bob LambersonSoftware EngineerCommented:
Sorry qp just crashed completely, not sure what - anyway
Have you done the usual - check disk space, run chkdsk, dfrag, check for virus?
is it slow connecting to it or slow when you are on the console?
Are you running multiple protocols or just one?
Do you have a virus scanner running on it, try disabling it to just test it with out it!! I had similar problem and it was symantec, I applied a patch and that fixed it.
Have you done windows updates?
Do you surf the net from the server? Becareful, this is not a good practice.
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