wildcard mask help on cisco router

I need to make a wildcard mask for the range of to

How would i do the wild card mask?

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The last one is possible

wildcard mask having any bits set means it is a wild card and will match a 1 or a 0

so means match it exactly - no wildcard bits. means match it up to the last bit, which could be either 0 or 1 matches only, matches and

minmeiCommented: to would be:

32 is 00100000, 63 is 00111111,

wildcard mask is, so command is

but this would only get you addresses up to 63, not 68.

mask of would get you up to 127, but expand both directions to 1 and to 127.

.32 to .68 is not on a subnet boundary.

You could use three statements... ( ( (

That would work.
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iamuserAuthor Commented:
shouldn't the middle one be instead of 4?

what about this?

yep - my bad

But if you are correcting me, what good is asking the question? :)

iamuserAuthor Commented:
i wasn't sure and instead of blowing something up i decided to just play it safe :D

actually is the last one possible ?

I mean is it the same as

iamuserAuthor Commented:
ahhh thanks in this case then would probably be what i'm looking for since i don't want  to mask out 69

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